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PRADET's four (4) Programs are delivered by local counsellors who have solid experience in psychosocial health, with a strong focus on responding to stress, trauma, grief, sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and mental illness.  In addition, PRADET also provides information and training about advancement of human rights, particularly children's rights, child protection, conflict resolution, mediation and advocacy to improve clients' rights in the community.  Currently PRADET is the only organisation in East Timor providing information and training about the use and abuse of alcohol and the impact on the community.  Click on the links below for more information on PRADET's programs.


Peace and Democracy Assistance for Juvenile Justice (PDAJJ)

Provides a support service to children and youth in prison and communities at risk of becoming involved in violence. PDAJJ also provides training to community members about the role and effect of alcohol. The training includes information on the alcohol content of drinks containing alcohol that are frequently consumed in East Timor more

Programa Asistensia ba Moras Mental (PAMM)

Community based response service to reduce the personal, collective, social and economic impact of traumatic mental disorders more

Fatin Hakmatek: Safe Room

This program was established to provide victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse with safety, emergency counselling, medical treatment and forensic documentation of injuries with ongoing referral to appropriate agencies or services more

Tau Matan: Counter trafficking program

PRADET provides a shelter to provide temporary safe accommodation, counseling and health care for people who have been trafficked to Timor Leste more