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Programa Asistensia ba Moras Mental (PAMM)

Prorama Assitensia Moras Mental (PAMM)

Programa Asistensia Moras Mental (PAMM), the original PRADET program established for Timor Leste in 2000.  It continued in 2002 when PRADET became an independent national NGO and was funded by CBM (Christian Blind Mission Germany). From 2002 till 2015 PAMM worked with the Government Mental Health Service (Saude Mental, established in 2002) providing psychosocial services to people with mental illness in 8 districts, Dili, Ermera, Liquica, Aileu, Manatuto, Ainaro, Baucau and Bobonaro. Saude Mental Case Managers provided the medications. In 2015 CBM funding for district work stopped and PAMM opened a pilot Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center, (PRC) in the PRADET office which is in the Dili Hospital (HNGV).  The PSR is for people recovering from mental illness. Working with psychiatrist Dr Gaspar, it provides capacity building in life skills such as cooking, sewing, computers, gardening, music, shopping and other activities. Home visits are conducted and families are involved in the program. Dr Gaspar, the Psychiatrist from the National Hospital, provides regular medical checks.  In 2016 an Australian Mental Health Case Manager supported the staff in developing the PSR Centre.  The Centre also assists clients to establish small enterprises from their home so they can participate more fully in the community. 

The PAMM Team also provides training on Mental Health to the broader community including public health staff, community leaders and the families of clients.

Portugal delegation visiting PRC in PRADET
Portugal delegation visiting PRC in PRADET